Different kinds of work?

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

I do a couple different types of work with people…

My first offering is in helping people grow their audiences authentically via Medium. I’ve learned a ton on my journey and sharing my insights with others is amazing to be able to do.

I consider this my ‘practical’ work: I have a skill. I help others attain that skill. I deal with some mental aspects, but it’s kinda black and white (how-to based).

Then, I started personal (spiritual) coaching (although I loathe calling myself a coach, this is what the world recognizes as the thing I do). This is where I help people align with their innate mental/spiritual wellbeing, wisdom, and marvelousness in whatever it is they’re doing. This work is spiritually based. It’s softer. A bit more ephemeral. Not a step-by-step thing.

I’ve been holding them separately in two different camps on my website. However, now, after doing more of the latter kind of work, I’m seeing how they’re blending together and becoming one.

In working with many different bloggers of all types, I’m finding that the biggest aspects of the journey they bump up against are the inner ones. The spiritual ones like fear, insecurity, vulnerability, anxiety, perfectionism, creative block, etc. These are all the softer skills that I work with people on in the spiritual coaching part of my work. But I see how it could really benefit them rather than the technical, this is how you insert a photo in your post type thing.

What I’m seeing is this…

The spiritual cannot be held separately from any ‘other’ aspect of life/work because everything is fundamentally spiritual.

I write this because — as I do with many of the things I write — I’m seeing how this looks on the page in front of me. If I can write it and make sense of it, that means the idea might have wings (especially if it makes sense to you too 😜).

So, are you a creator of sorts who wants to grow an audience online to do the work you enjoy doing? If so, what ails you the most? I’m sure it’s a bit of both, but do you find that it’s more the practical, technical aspects of the thing? Or is it the softer, underlying, dare I say ‘spiritual’ stuff?

Just curious what you have to say…

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