Higher Thoughts Review: June, 2017

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

Hope you had as lovely of a 4th of July as I did. I’m a few days late sending this out, but I know how busy it’s been with the holiday, etc., so I held off.

Wow, SO much happened in June, where do I start?…

  • I announced that I’m moving to Chicago and why. (More has unfolded in this story, so stay tuned.)
  • I was interviewed on The Fizzle Show, a podcast I’ve been following for many years. Saying it was a blast would be a tremendous understatement.
  • I launched my private coaching program where I help people align with their innate well-being, wisdom, and freedom of mind. This work is part of my ministerial pathway and has been the most fulfilling I’ve ever done. Seeing shifts already in clients is beyond amazing.
  • I launched an email course and ebook and gave them out for free. (They’re both similar content, so only choose one to avoid duplicate content.

So, I’ve been busy, in a great way. It’s been amazing. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the publication and (more importantly) enjoying your summer 😎.

What I’m reading now

One Thought Changes Everything

by Mara Gleason

This book explains the three principles of the human experience better than any I’ve seen. Mara is a professional who’s been helping people from all walks of life align with their innate well-being for many years. She’s since stepped out of working with individuals and is now on a mission to change the world — literally — by working with governments and large sectors of the world through her new non-profit, One Solution Global. She’s a fantastic practitioner, luminary, and storyteller. I think you’ll enjoy this one.

The Art of Spiritual Healing

by Joel Goldsmith

Joel Goldsmith is the man. A little out there, but that’s fine. When you’re full of as much insight as good ole’ Joel, you’re bound to seem a little off your rocker.

This book is a part of my ministerial studies. My big takeaway here is that we get our fill from Spirit — from Source — not from the world. Think money is our source? Nope… It’s the effect of living in alignment from our spiritual source. It’s what comes when we move through the world already fulfilled. Because when we come from that place, we show up to serve boldly. And when we serve boldly, money (and all the other good stuff) shows up as a by-product.

June’s most recommended posts

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2. The inner unrest
1. Christ wasn’t his last name

And that’s pretty much it for June, friends. Until tomorrow, Godspeed!

As Ever,


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