Spiritually safe

Photo by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash

Have you ever felt totally safe before?

Not physically safe. Not on the level of your body or mind. This kind of safe is fleeting, at best.

But spiritually safe.

Have you ever felt that even if you were to die, who you are beyond your physicalness would be absolutely unharmed?

I don’t think I have. I can mentally understand it. But I’ve never experienced that truth in my life (yes, there is a difference). I’m just going by the accounts of others who’ve described these near-death, out-of-body experiences.

This is how Mara Gleason starts her new book, One Thought Changes Everything. She accounts how she was held up on the street at gunpoint in Buenos Aires when she was in college. Her two friends had run off and left her alone with the gunman.

What she recalls is an experience where her small, personal thinking fell away. Some have called this frantic voice the ‘obnoxious inner roommate’. Well, in Mara’s experience, it ran for the hills.

All that was left was a quiet, calm presence of absolute connectedness and love. Not the personal kind of love, but the kind of love that surpasses all personal emotion. She felt compassion for the gunman and dropped into a deeper mutual awareness of oneness with him.

Something bigger than her personal ego took control. This wasn’t just an adrenaline rush. It was an enlightened experience. A God-moment if there ever was one.

She was able to gently remove the gunman’s hand from her bicep and slowly walk away.

Here’s what her revelation was…

We can only feel fear through thought. We can only feel separate and alone through thought.

Anxiety in any shape or form emerges from thought. Not directly from circumstance. Mara’s experience (along with the many other similar stories like hers) have sold me on this. I know deep down that this is true as I can speak to it from similar (albeit not so life-threatening) life revelations I’ve had.

So many of us these days suffer from deep inner strife. These paralyzing feelings we experience of anxiety and disconnectedness from ourselves and others are our personal thinking run amok. Soon, they start to chemically effect states of the brain and body.

But underneath (or ‘beyond’, depending on how you look at it) this personal thinking is, what I call, the presence of the divine. Call it what you will.

Underneath all of our frantic personal thinking, we’re absolutely spiritually safe.

You are. 
I am. 
We all are.

All it takes is recognizing it. To see our personal thinking as just what it is — stuff we’re making up. We do this, as humans. Nothing wrong with it. It can be beautiful, in fact.

But it can also make us really damn miserable.

See those stress-inducing thoughts for what they are.
Let them fall away.
Then, bask in what lies underneath.

Therein lies your independence.

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