What if the world ‘prayed in’ like this?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I have to get used to “praying in” with my mentor. We’ll jump on a phone call and I’ll just start talking away, diving straight into the meat of the conversation.

Every time, he stops me…

Jonas… Hang on, let’s take a second to pray in…

Oh… Right, Rev…

It only takes about 1–2 minutes. Mind you, this is no traditional religious prayer like the Lord’s Prayer or a Satanic ritual or anything. We’re not genuflecting to an anthropomorphic being in the clouds (or under the ground).

It’s more of a spoken affirmation. We’re communing with the indwelling God. The God that moves us to shrug off any form of insecurity or aggression. Call it what you will, we’re opening our minds to the thing that animates us, that looks through our eyes, smells through our nose, and beats our heart.

This kind of prayer is an affirmative declaration that makes us both abandon our small thinking for the duration of the call and step into the heightened presence of spirit. It brings us out of the imagined context of our separateness and unifies us. And it creates a safe, candid space for each of us to share our truth without any of the emotional baggage that comes from ego/fear nonsense.

Which begs me to wonder…

Why don’t more of us ‘pray in’ before we do important things?

(I know the answer — because most of us were taught a shitty version of prayer — but I’m going to keep going here…)

What if boardrooms around the world went into this kind of prayer/spoken affirmation before making huge decisions that effected a lot of people, both inside and outside the company?

What if couples prayed together before they entered a conversation that might lead to an argument (yes, we usually know where these are headed before hand) — or any intimate, deeper conversation, really?

What if parents entered this type of prayerful space before taking their kids to school to set the intention for the day and start from a place of wholeness and aliveness rather than stress and obligation?

What if Trump prayed like this before he Tweeted? (I know, Twitter wouldn’t be nearly as fun.)

Prayer of this sort can change the world, I’m convinced.

So whattdya think?…

Should we pray in?

Hey there, my name is Jonas (yes, like the Weezer song). I’m a spiritual counselor who writes shortish preachments in Higher Thoughts on the daily.