Consciousness: The keyboard of your mind

Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

Remember that amazing dinner you had the other night? If you do, your mouth may be watering just the slightest bit. If so (mine sure is), consciousness is doing that.

The principle of consciousness is the principle of awareness. Its function is to bring your thoughts to life through your senses.

Consciousness indiscriminately manifests every thought that comes to mind through experience.

It’s like the keyboard of your mind. The keyboard dosn’t care if you misspell a word or not. It takes what you gives it and throws it up on the screen.

If you mistakenly thought a saber tooth tiger was stalking you as you walked home from work, you’d have the sensory experience of being scared shitless the entire time.

Or, on the flip side of that coin, if a saber tooth tiger actually was following you home from work, and you didn’t think it was, you’d have the sensory experience of safety (and I’d have to ask you to entertain moving to a new town).

So why does this matter?

Just take note of it. Experiment with it. (I’ve been saying this a lot lately.)

If you experience despair on a regular basis, ask yourself how real this is or if you just forgot to run the inner spell-checker of your conscious awareness.

Slow down. Take another look.

It pays to not fat-finger your thinking.

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