Why spirituality is the most practical thing

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I used to wrestle with this...

Yes, spirituality is awesome. I love it. (Hopefully you do too.)

But is it practical? 
Is it, you know, useful?

Because that’s what seems to matter these days in our über rational world. Is it valuable when it comes to day-to-day life?

It makes logical, rational sense how business experts or performance experts add value. They help you get from point A to point B. They can draw it out on a pie chart or a spreadsheet. It’s a cut-and-dry value-add.

But spiritual guidance? Is this just supervised navel-gazing for either really rich or really poor people who want some escapism? Does this stuff really have a value?

I was chatting to my wife about this a few weeks ago. She has a successful business. She’s taken it from 1 client to, now, hundreds. And along the way, she’s been through the whole emotional and financial spectrum. She’s gone from the bottom to — well, maybe not the top, but up there.

I asked her if there were any ‘business experts’ out there she’s listened to along the way who’ve helped her get to where she is now.

What she told me was CRAZY revealing. I’ll paraphrase…

“Ya know what, I’ve listened to a few, but no ‘advice’ or ‘coaching’ from other ‘business experts’ matches the experience itself. No course, podcast, or consulting program could replace the act of me jumping head first into serving my clients as best as I could. No one else could have done this for me. Until you experience the valuable lessons that come from quitting your job with three clients on the side, running out of money a few times, overdrafting the account countless times, getting stabbed in the back by a friend or two, laying off and losing the respect of people you only wanted to make successful, spending many nights rocking your child to sleep wondering where the next client was going to come from and the highs that came from the opposite of those things, you’re just speculating.”

(Yes, I’ve been with her through all of these things, so I know how real it is.)

I inquired further because I know the only ‘trusted advisor’ she’s ever had is a spiritual counselor. I wanted to know, if she wasn’t keen on straight-up business advice from experts, why was she so thrilled with her spiritual counselor.

Again… More wife-wisdom in 3, 2, 1…

“Because she sat with me through these things. She didn’t try to take these valuable moments away from me. She helped me see that they were all perfect and she helped me find the strength and wisdom that lay beyond myself. She allowed me to sit in my own tears without ever losing the vision that I was totally fine. I had to do my own work with my business. What she helped me with was the spiritual backdrop behind it all. This, to me, was invaluable.”

Now, I’m just speaking of my wife here. Many people have found incredible value from business coaches, etc. But my wife is an entrepreneur. She’s a creator. She’s also not very coachable (self-admittedly so). What many of the experts out there are selling is a road map to how they did it. But when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s just you. In the dark. Fumbling around.

You don’t want a road map because a road map takes you to where someone else has already been. But true entrepreneurs go where no one (or just a few) have been before. What they need is clarity. Someone to tell them they have the answers within them. And this is just what her spiritual counselor did.

Being a spiritual counselor myself, I’m totally biased, but this is it for me. This is why I love doing this work. Because spirituality is the most practical and useful thing.

Spirituality is the inner backdrop to all of life.

I can work with anyone from a bean counter to a rodeo clown and, in directing them back to their own wellbeing and wisdom, they’ll emerge victorious in whatever their path holds for them.

Spirituality is practical because, without alignment in mind, spirit, and body, no matter how much your bank account swells or your scores improve, life is still a fight. That proverbial carrot extends further and further away from our noses.

I’m really glad I talked to my wife about this. Maybe I should ask for that wife-wisdom more often.

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