No development necessary

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

Many of the things we think we need to ‘develop’ are innate qualities that come from an uncluttered mind.

I’m talking about things like intuition, mental and emotional flexibility, creativity, drive, confidence, and leadership. These are qualities that we can easily believe we need to go out and acquire.

Like, if I just read one more book on leadership development, I can finally start to be more of a leader in my life. But then, in the middle of that book, another one pops up in the sidebar of a blog you visit (damn it, Amazon, you’re TOO good) and you’ve one-clicked and ordered another one.

Most qualities we strive for attaining from outside of us are emergent aspects beneath an uncluttered mind.

Behind our personal thinking (which is largely driven by fear) lies an infinite, spontaneous wellspring of these qualities already programmed in.

Yes, there are skills we typically need to learn. I don’t think anyone could just sit down to the piano and start playing Mozart.

But where most of us get hung up are in the ‘soft’ qualities behind the skills. We think we need to go get the confidence to sit down for the first time and suck so badly it makes our ears bleed and bruises our souls. We think we need to learn everything there is to learn about music before we start pounding away at the keys.

But we don’t. These softer qualities are innate. Our confidence, patience, creative spirit, and ability to learn are natural. Letting our fears fall away and trust-falling back into this infinitely intelligent space is all that’s needed to set foot on the journey that will lead us towards the calling of our souls.

Clarity is all it takes to tap into unlimited, spontaneous potential. With clarity, we’re anchored in the moment and enjoying the expression of life we happen to be embodying at the time.

Clarity isn’t something we do. It’s something we have.

Pardon me, this thing is way out of tune.

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