The inner unrest

Image: Hanny Naibaho

You and I live in an age where we’re the recipients of great advances. Great technological advances. Great medical advances. Great social advances. Great food advances. Great Netflix advances. I could go on…
Then riddle me this… Why are so many of us in the western world so… Down and out (to say the least)?

Why are depression rates going through the roof at the same time that our world grows safer, lives longer, and becomes more connected? 
Here’s what I reckon (damn, I’m starting to sound like my grandfather)…
The world has long been focused on the material world and material problems. And we’ve come a long way. But while we’ve had our sleeves rolled up trying to connect everyone on the planet with the swipe of a finger and delivering a gourmet meal to our door with another swipe, we’ve forgotten… Ourselves.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Spiritual problems cannot be solved through material means.

Yes, these advances have made the world a better place to live. But none of them will eliminate the need for spiritual healing. Because even with 100% success in these fields, such healing will never succeed in making us at home in our soul.
No one is going to be wholly satisfied even with great economic conditions, great technical advances, great roads, great schools, or world peace until they find their inner communion with Source.
Even if you and I were healed of every physical and mental ill at this moment, there would still be an inner unrest. A lingering — if not an overwhelming — discontent.

Regardless of how much happiness we might find with our family and friends, we could still go to sleep at night and be alone, because there’s something within each of us that longs to go home. That longs to be at one with spirit.
No weight loss program, no house, no pay raise, no first dates will bring anyone the peace of mind that peace with their very own soul can bring.
Our life takes on a whole new meaning when we are carried on by a power not our own.

Jonas Ellison is a spiritual writer, teacher, practitioner, and an interfaith minister-in-training. He helps people deepen their lives through applied spirituality while documenting his journey along the way.

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