Thanks to the lovers

Image: Kyle Wong

If you’re one of these people, I want to take a moment to thank you. Publicly.

I’m talking about those who, instead of spreading criticism, cynicism and negativity (particularly online), make the more difficult higher choice to spread love, generosity, and solidarity.

I’m inspired to say this because, occasionally I get that personal email from someone asking if I’m making a living through this work and how they can support me.

I have to say here that my life is abundant beyond measure. It really is. In many ways. No, I’m no Tony Robbins — not even close — but I’m doing just fine. Yes, I have to be creative with how I earn a living, and it’s a delicate dance, but I’m doing better and better every day.

Those emails make me feel like there’s people out there who understand. Who care.

Because this new kind of creative online work some of us do is really weird. It’s largely uncharted territory. There’s 64,000 people who follow my work. That makes my head explode.

I have no college degree. I’m not in any type of guild, union, or society. All I have is the passion at the pit of my belly and a way with the written word.

It’s amazing I can sit here and do this. All of us can, if we find the people we’re here to serve.

The lovers out there remind us someone is actually listening. Not just following… But listening. (Totally different.)

All it takes is one person to remind you that the work you’re doing is real, valuable, and meaningful.

They understand that asking for money in return for art (especially in the spirituality realm, in my particular case) is a legitimate exchange, but a difficult one for many to grasp. They remind me that I’m not the only one who knows this kind of work is as practical as any.

They appreciate it. So much so that they angelically reach out to offer a calming, supportive voice.

Not to play the victim card here. At all.

Like I said, I’m truly blessed to be able to show up here every day and share with you. My wife is incredibly supportive. My three year old is finally okay with letting Dad type a few words of edits on occasion when inspiration strikes. And my audience is incredibly supportive.

That said, these words of support mean more than you may know.

So if you’re the kind of person who does this (even if it’s not to me, but to others like me you happen to enjoy and derive value from), thank you.

Thanks for asking. 
Thanks for loving.
And thanks for keeping me going.

Jonas Ellison is a spiritual counselor and blogging coach who writes shortish preachments in Higher Thoughts on the daily. To jump on his mailing list and get his free email course as a gift of his undying gratitude, do your thing below…