The myth of your littleness

Image: Mike Kotsch

Yep… It’s all made up.

Seriously, if we truly understood what animated our souls, we’d be blown away. We’d see the story we’ve accepted about ourselves to be laughable.

You and I are intimately connected to the Godhead that's been expanding the universe for eternity.

(Sorry, I really just enjoy saying ‘Godhead’. Thanks for humoring me there.)

I mean, but really? What gall of us to think that we could ever be separate from the life force that animates all of humanity and the universe at large — from micro to macro, alpha to omega?

We have nothing to prove. Only to step into and celebrate. Our littleness is and always has been an ego-created myth to keep us small and safe.

Now, turn that frown upside down and own your spiritual inheritance.

P.S. I sent out an email today that went to a lot of people where I misspelled the subject line by one letter (maybe you actually got it). Suddenly, I felt like shriveling up into a little ball and quitting the internet forever. I felt like a fraud, a phony, an amateur. I was faced with my smallness in a very absurd way. And I totally called myself on it.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself (most of these notes are). Hope you resonated with it too:)

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