The garment of the soul


I probably seem like a completely different person now than I did an hour ago.

If I was rude to you an hour ago (sorry about that, btw), you may have walked away very upset. You may have even decided to never talk to me again.

You may have felt the urge to go on Facebook, unfriend me, and then write one of those annoying vague posts that go something like, “It really sucks to find out that someone you really like is just a complete asshole. Oh well.” (Oh, Facebook… What would we do without you?)

But now, I’m okay. I have some coffee. I’m writing. My mind is clear. And I’d probably be just fine to hang out with (as soon as I’m done writing, of course; because I’m not nice when people interrupt me when I’m writing).

The point is this.

Taking each other’s personality as the total package means building the relationship on shifty sand.

The personality is just the garment of the soul. Not the total package.

It wears mom jeans and white tennies one moment and gets decked out in J Crew the next.

It’s like my 3-year-old who goes through several costume changes a day. If I base my entire view of her on her Princess Anna dress, I’m going to be thrown off when she gets her cowgirl shirt and boots on an hour later.

The only thing constant about personalities is that they shift.

Seeing beyond personal identity to our deeper true identity gives us a neutral area to play in. Our true identity is our innate wellbeing. Our deeper state of wisdom that we throw the garments of our personality on.

This is what I hope you see when you talk to me. Because if you do, you’ll call me to that truth. And you’ll call me home to myself.

Can you please delete that Facebook post you wrote about me now?