Transcending the social tidal wave

Image: Paul

Many of our thoughts and actions emerge from a sort of social consciousness. An inherited mass subconscious zeitgeist that unknowingly tries to direct us.

Do you feel it?

All you have to do is listen and you’ll notice a sort of inner nervousness. An underlying fear that has no conscious origin.

You can see the effects of it in real form when you watch the news. People from varied races, creeds, backgrounds, etc. acting in tribal, primal, unconscious ways.

Maybe you’ve even caught yourself moving along with this mass. Swept up in the moment by something carrying you towards actions that are out of character only to look back and go, Whuh? I did what? That?!

This thing — this ‘social consciousness’ — is like a giant tidal wave that we’re surfing on as a culture.

I make this distinction because it’s not like a wave crashing into us. It’s not an obvious event. It’s more like we’re riding on top of this giant wave.

On top of this wave, it’s relatively still. It’s so big that it’s like a land mass. And so it seems fixed. Static.

But this wave is moving us in a certain direction at a very high rate of speed. If we don’t notice it, we’ll ride it wherever it takes us. But if we see what’s going on, we can make our way to the edge and eventually ride off of it.

What I’m pointing to here is what some have called Race Consciousness or Social Consciousness. This is the subconscious and conscious narrative we’ve subconsciously inherited from our ancestors.

Our reactions to life are largely drawn from the sum total of human experience.

It’s easy to take the urges that stem from this social consciousness personally. To blindly accept them as our own.

The key is to see the wave.
Then to gently make our way off of it.

If we can recognize it, we can respond to it. 
And we can wait for that next set of fresh waves to come in.
While the big one crashes into shore.

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