Practice in public

Before I started blogging daily, I was a devout practitioner of Julia Cameron’s ‘morning pages’.

You’ve probably heard of the exercise, but if not, you can learn more about it here (I highly recommend it). It’s basically a daily journaling exercise that’s designed to kill the ‘internal editor’ that holds us back from our best creative work.

When I turned my morning writing practice from private to public, I thought I was going to lose the magic that morning pages offered me. I know there’s certain things that we only give ourselves the liberty to say in private that’s being held back when writing publicly. And I was no longer saying those things.

But on the other hand, I have to say, practicing in public has taken my writing to a whole new level. Creating under the heightened awareness that comes with knowing my work will be in front of a stranger has built my word muscle in the strongest way.

Want to get really good at something? Practice in public.

This is something I’ve long believed in, but just saw spelled out as one of the main principles in Jeff Goins’ new book, Real Artists Don’t Starve (which is awesome, btw).

No, you don’t have to do it daily like I do. But more than you do now. And then increase it as you go along.

Yes, it’s terrifying. 
Yes, you’ll fall face-first in front of an audience.

But there’s no way around that part of it. 
May as well not delay the inevitable.

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