You are not a slave

Image: Kyle Ryan

A large number of ancient Egyptians were slaves. If you were an ancient Egyptian slave, you were likely a bricklayer. Day after day, you’d do one thing:

Stack. Bricks.

Sabbath emerged from a revelation that humans are not slaves. That this was just a story we’d accepted from an oppressive regime.

We were reminded that we are essentially free at our core. This was a subversive, paradigm-shifting notion that entered the zeitgeist at the time.

Sabbath isn’t about genuflecting or bowing to some oppressive God in the clouds commanding us to do so. Sabbath is a way to respect the indwelling God that needs nothing but the realization of itself from us.

Sabbath is a way of reminding yourself that you’re not a slave to the #hustle.

Try picking a day to respect this part of yourself. See how hard it is (yes, it can seem impossible for us who are always plugged in). But not many things are so important in today’s age of uncertainty as this.

I think you’ll find that, once you make it through the initial neurosis of doing nothing, you’ll find your center. That warm, calm, self-assure presence that realizes its own innate wellbeing and peace.

And you’ll take that with you through your workweek where you’ll notice a stillness behind the inertia that is the grind of daily life. In this center, you’ll find your shared nature with the Divine…


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