What story are you loyal to?

Image: Amna Akram

We all have our stories that limit us, but which we stay loyal to for one reason or another.

There’s the huge, overarching cultural narrative that’s fed by an infinite number of people, groups, and institutions like corporations, government, large organizations, advertising, news media, etc.

But today, I’m talking about our micro narrative. This is a story that we’ve inherited from our friends and family.

For me, it’s one of poverty. I can often hear my dad (who passed away four years ago) in my ear telling me how you have to fight for money, take what you can, trust no one, and protect yourself (he died penniless).

Poverty was a hereditary pattern for me. Numerous members of my extended family died broke and alone. I’ve felt cursed by this many times throughout my life.

I’ve reached the point where I can hear it sooner than later. When I see it, it vanishes into thin air. Because here’s the thing…

Much of our ‘hereditary pattern’ is a belief system in disguise.

How about you… What story are you loyal to?

Is it an old one from long-dead family members that have kept your lineage small, stifled, and shackled?

Or are you in the process of writing and living out a new one? One that might change the narrative going forward rather than keeping it stuck?

I hope the latter. If not, there’s no better time to start than now.

P.S. Go ahead and leave a response writing out your new narrative. Sharing your new story publicly is a powerful proclamation. See ya below…

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