Stop worshipping the quarterback and carry the ball forward

Image: Abigail Keenan

I feel most Christian religious orders are well-intentioned (although, some not), but have missed the mark in a big way when it comes to Jesus.

Now, please know I’m no Bible scholar (yet), but from the blips and blurps I’ve read and heard, Jesus didn’t want to be worshipped in a physical sense. It seems that the thought of a religion being named after him would make him roll over in his grave (wait, I guess that analogy doesn’t work here, sorry).

Yes, he said things like, “I am the way,” but this must be taken into context from the original translation in Hebrew, etc. When we do this, we see his statements like this in a more subtle, metaphorical, lyrical, non-direct way. (People have written volumes on this and I may go deeper into it someday, but this little daily blog post isn’t the place. Google away, friends.)

Essentially, I feel like Jesus was one of many quarterbacks whose intention was to hand the football of the Christ Consciousness off to humanity, but rather than taking the ball and running with it, they stopped, got on their knees, and started worshipping him.

I feel like he’s kinda like, WTF, guys?! Go!!

Jesus was the quarterback. Our job is to catch the ball and run with it. Not to stop, get on our knees, and worship the dude.

Learn from the great teachers, love them, get lost in them, but you have to realize the divinity they speak of rests in you. Hero worship does no good. They’re pointing to the divinity in you and me.

We have all we need to live a divinely-guided life. This has nothing to do with being religious or pious.

It has to do with having a good business. 
It has to do with having a table full of healthy food.
It has to do with fire pits on cool summer nights.
It has to do with community.
It has to do with making sure people’s rent is paid.
It has to do with making sure our fellow man doesn’t starve.
It has to do with good politics.
It has to do with being true to your word.

I could go on for a long damn time here.

Now, before I close, let me say… If meditating/praying on the name/thought of Jesus helps you connect with that consciousness so you can better make that next play in the proverbial football field of your life, more power to ya.

But treat it like a huddle. Not the point of the game.

Now… Go get ’em, champ…

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