Spirituality is nothing until you use it

Image: Christopher Johnson

The spirit doesn’t care how much you go to church. It doesn’t care how better you think you are than others. It doesn’t care how long you meditate for.

Spirit only wants to express through your lips, eyes, hands, feet, and heart.

When I say ‘spirit’, I’m not talking about the ghost of the physical guy, Jesus of Nazareth. I’m talking about the metaphysical electrical cord that goes from the life energy of source directly to you.

You are an individualized potential of expression of the divine. You are how God gets to know itself. Contemplation is a big part of living a divinely guided life, but it’s meaningless if it stops there.

Your contemplation and spiritual practice should be a precursor to using spirit as a peaceful projectile to connect with another. We spiritually inclined types have to mix it up with the world, not deny it. We can’t deny the fact that spirit needs a body to inhabit on this plane. That body needs a lot of physical things, including a safe and healthy economy, environment and political structure as well as food, relationships, clothing, etc.

Spirituality is as much about the flesh as it is for the soul.

Bring it to life. Mix it with the dirt and toil of your daily life. Use it to bring healing to a misaligned world. Then jump back on that prayer cushion.

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