How religion made sex hot

Image: Quin Stevenson

It framed it a transgression (or most forms of it, at least), which made it hot.

Now, if we blindly buy into the guilt this can bring, it can ruin it for us in two ways…

Either we’ll resist it by trying to make sex into this stale, lifeless, passionless, mechanical, practical thing. Or we’ll accept the shame and blindly take on the label of sexual deviant. Neither of which is beneficial.

The good news is, as with most things, there’s a third way…

Find a conscious state of playfulness in the raunchy nature of sex.

No need to get consumed by it (that just never leads to good things) but there’s nothing wrong with seeing life in the mischievous nature of sex.

I get it. Sex is a warm, sacred, divinely inspired act between two people in love. But without a little bit of impishness, sex is pretty zestless.

Do keep in mind that safe, warm, secure relationships can live in the same place with deviant, erotic, lustful sex. It requires a higher level of awareness to dance this dance. But it’s a gift if we can.

Thanks, religion, for making sex hot.

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