Are you willing to be wrong?

Image: Jonathan Petersson

If you’re like me, there’s probably a certain area (or two… or more) in your life that you feel particular internal friction around…

Maybe that area is money. Or health. Or relationships.

You might be wondering how you can make the thing you’re stressing about work. You might be thinking that if you can just ‘do’ a certain thing or two, then things will be right and you’ll be fine.

But here’s what I’ve discovered as true after years of being guilty of this myself…

Sometimes you have to be willing to be wrong about a thing so you can blow it to shreds and start over from a fresh paradigm.

Those money worries you have… Maybe you have a lot going on around money. And it’s not just how to make more of it.

You might be bringing your self worth into the picture. Or your insecurities. Maybe your father passed along a certain view of money that’s only stressing you out and making you feel small.

First step: Be open to the idea that at least some of this might be wrong. Not to hate on our dads for implying that self worth comes from money. They almost certainly had our best interests in mind. But we’re adults now and life has taught us a lot since then. (This is just an example. You get the point.)

Second step: Now that you’ve loosened the screws that have been holding those beliefs in place, you can let the ones that don’t serve you fall away while keeping those which serve you. Maybe you’re doing just fine. Maybe you don’t need to stress so much. Maybe you just need to get rid of those extra expenses.

Once you open up and clean your mental house, you’ll be less stressed. From less stress comes clear thinking. And from clear thinking comes right action.

Because, seriously. Money and health and whatever else — these are deep-seated categories of beliefs that our ego will never be satisfied with. Like Biggie said, “Mo money, mo problems.”

Why is this?

Trying to solve internal problems with external remedies is like trying to put a band aid on a stomach ache.

Get aligned with the Source of your creative capacities.

Be wrong. Ditch the old thoughts and make room for new ones. Your old paradigm isn’t serving you anymore. Get aligned and new answers will emerge.

Until they do, keep on keeping on. You might not have immediate answers, but keep pulling the weeds of those old wretched thoughts. Clean the windows of your soul so the sun can shine through.

Hey, look what I found under the cushion here...

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