Intentionally preoccupied

Image: Maarten van den Heuvel

I have good news.

Behind your surface thinking is an infinite intelligence that heals broken bones, creates insight that can solve any problem, pumps your heart, and makes you remember to pick up butter when you’re at the store.

But now for the bad news (you knew this was coming, right?)…

We’ve intentionally preoccupied ourselves from hearing it most of the time.

Quick question for ya here…

When do you permit time to connect to the quietude of Source?

Sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. 
Driving home from work. 
Watching your kid play on the playground.

These are all gifts from life that allow us the space — if even for a few moments — to quiet our minds and just… be.

To process what needs to be processed. 
To recognize what needs to be recognized. 
To release what needs to be released.

But we fill it on a screen consuming bad news, other people’s drama, and comparing our life to that perfect photo on Instagram.

We move through life with no idea that a majority of our time is spent tapping into an extremely limited part of our creative capacity.

Instead of connecting with fresh thinking, spontaneous insight, and creative infinitude, we settle with thought patterns that have been keeping us small since we were eleven years old. We assume we know all we need to know and just have to manage to get by under the limitations we’ve set for ourselves.

Or is that just me? 
Okay, glad you’re with me there.

So, first of all, just look…

Look at how intentionally preoccupied you might be. 
Notice how insane this is.

Then, if you feel the urge to do so, allow yourself to use the spaces from life to connect with the Source within. The wellspring of new thought underneath all the small ones that make you nervous, fearful, and stuck.

What’s that beeping in your pocket?
Or is that mine?

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