Catching fireflies

Image: Dawid Zawiła

Just know that those thoughts in your head — you’re not stuck with them. They’re not you. They don’t define you, no matter what your friends, family, and that personality test may have told you.

They’re flickers of energy flying through your headspace like fireflies on a warm summer night. Thinking you’re stuck with them is like capturing a few of those fireflies in a jar and setting it on your nightstand as you sleep, only to be annoyed — if not terrified — by them as they buzz around tapping at the glass and lighting up your room.

The only difference is that fireflies die after this kind of treatment (I know, it’s sad). Thoughts don’t.

The thoughts that limit you are like fireflies you’ve held captive and aren’t letting fly away.

Let them go. If they fly back, know they have other places to go and won’t stick around long if you don’t bottle them up. Soon, the sun will come out again and they’ll be gone.

That said, some of us love fireflies. 
So whatever.

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