Compassionate accountability

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We all have a ‘line’ and that line will be crossed at some point by someone we love.


When these moments come, how do we handle them?

If you’re like most, you’ll go one way or the other: you’ll either let it roll off your back without saying anything or, perhaps once you’ve been pushed to your breaking point, you’ll lose your head and sort out the damage later.

But there’s a third way. A way that takes both the strength of a honey badger and the meekness of a meerkat (because the whole lion and lamb thing is so Old Testament): the way of compassionate accountability.

The first two ways — the passive/aggressive approaches — assume the person who crossed us is innately flawed. So we become passive when we believe there’s nothing we can do about it. Or we rip their head off by justifying our actions against this horribly flawed human.

The third way sees something different.

To compassionately hold someone accountable takes seeing their innate wellbeing and gently, but firmly, calling them back to that.

Handling the situation in this way takes a spiritual shift that’s minute but gargantuan at the same time. Holding someone accountable while maintaining compassion takes an expansion in consciousness that can make room for both at the same time.

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