There is no object permanence in thought

Image: Remy_Loz

Babies love playing peek-a-boo. Hardly any 30-year old enjoys it as much as a six-month-old (although, I guess I should speak for myself).

The reason the baby loves peek-a-boo so much is that when she covers her eyes, she actually experiences the notion that mommy or daddy (or whomever she’s playing with) has vanished. But when mommy or daddy play, they know that their kiddo is still there when their eyes are covered.

We need to be more like the baby when it comes to thought…

This has taken me some time to come to terms with. I heard this concept a while back and couldn’t buy it. But the more I explore it, the more I see how true it is.

We adults think that thoughts linger when we’re not thinking them. If we’re unaware, we define ourselves by a certain way of thinking and anchor it in. We see it as our way of being.

I’m just a dumb jock.
I’m such a blonde. 
I’m better than everyone at everything. 
Republicans are always wrong.
I can’t cook.

(This last one is actually true for me, but anyways…)

These are just thoughts. When we stop thinking them they’re gone, only to be revitalized when we hook into them and start thinking them again.

We’ve given ourselves good reason to keep rehashing them, though. Because, if we didn’t, who would we be?


When we’re not thinking about them, we think we’re in denial. But get this…

It’s denial to pretend a movie isn’t playing when it’s on the screen. It’s not denial to turn the movie off.

See how we get ourselves into trouble here?

There is no object permanence in thought. When we’re not thinking a thought, it’s gone.

If we realized and lived this, we could more easily abandon our old thoughts for new ones, fresh from Source. Those thoughts are only lingering around because we’re keeping them there.

Damn it… I burned the Pop Tarts again. Looks like we’re eating out again.

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