How to throw sandbags off the hot air balloon of Mind

Image: Andrea Enríquez Cousiño

I wrote the other day about the mind being like a hot air balloon and thoughts being like sandbags.

(Say what you want, I think it was a pretty spiffy analogy.)

I basically just said, all you gotta do is throw the sandbags off and you’ll float up like, woooah

But then people were like, dude, how do you throw the sandbags off?

And I was like, oh yeah, great question.

So I’m here today to tell you how to get those sandbags out of your brain basket so you can see that great horizon...

It’s a little thing called thought recognition.

Thought recognition is the ability to see thought in the moment as the source of sensory data and the source of our personal experiential reality.

Thought recognition is the golden key of this whole thing.

That person break your heart? Do you feel that gut-wrenching pain bubbling up from the center of your being?

Yeah… That’s all coming from your thoughts about the event in the moment. Not from her or him (although he was a jerk to do that to you). But from a thought.

The only way this thought weighs us down and makes us drink more beer than we should is when we don’t see it as the source of our suffering. When we think that s/he is the cause of our pain.

But through thought recognition, we see we’re creating this experience. We can prove this is true because if I was in your shoes, I might actually be happy she broke up with me (I never really liked her anyways).

Through thought recognition, we see we’re the ones who create our experience through this event. Now, I’m in no way telling you to be happy about it. I’m not saying to act like it didn’t happen or to put on a fake smile and affirm it away.

Accept it. Mindfully sink into that human pain. That’s beautiful stuff, man. We humans love sad movies. I cry every single time I see the opening to the movie, Up (speaking of hot air balloons). Every time. It kills me. But I love it. Absolutely love it.

Because let’s face it… Sometimes it feels fucking great to just be sad. To sit in our heartbrokenness for a few days. It affirms we’re human.

Just don’t forget where that pain is coming from.

And then, that thought will seem less appealing. And you’ll be able to chuck that sandbag over the edge. And you’ll rise up over your suffering. And all you’ll see is the sunset.

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