We can make it what we want

Image: Aman Bhargava

How many people in your life seem to operate from the basis of:

Whelp, it’ll be what it’ll be…

Yeah. Me too. Way too many.

It’s bullshit... Really is.

When you understand the human experience and the way the mind works, you begin to see an entirely new way of life open up.

We’re making up our entire experience. The only ‘it’ in the above defeatist statement is the ‘it’ that emanates from our consciousness.

When we understand the way the mind works and creates our experience from the inside-out, we see that we’re making it all up as we go.

If we piece that together with the truth of our innate wellbeing, we see that the good stuff is never more than a thought away.

So let’s try this again…

We can make it what we want.

We can stop struggling (or retreating) against a random, offensive, overbearing outside world. We can fall back into the trampoline of Source and let it spring us up to the state of mind where we really want to be.

Yeah… That’s better.

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