You can’t unring a cat

My dad used to always tell me you can’t unring a bell. (He was never known for originality, but what’s true is true, right?)

Thinking is the same way. When I find myself in a state of distressed thought, it’s really hard to make those thoughts better in the moment. All that’s going to do is add a whole new level of stressful thought to the already stressful thought.

That cat’s already out of the bag (yep, I inherited his originality, thank you).

If I’m popping off at some poor sap at Target (because it always goes down at Target) and I notice what a ridiculous level of insanity I’m taking this situation to, the best I can hope for is to notice it.

If I can notice it, I’m probably not going to be able to immediately switch gears into sane, more harmonious thinking.

Once a thought is out of the bag, we can’t change or fix its contents. All we can do is accept it and let it vanish into the ether from which it came.

Then we can dip back into the well where that thought came from, clear our connection with the quietude of Source, and allow a new one to bubble up into consciousness.

Now, what about that cat again?

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