When the best thing to do is nothing

Image: Matthew Kane

Almost always. Seriously…

Most times that I think I should do something — when my monkey mind speaks up — this is a sign I probably shouldn’t.

When my monkey mind speaks up, my fearful self thinks it’s brilliant…

Yes. Let’s do this. Save me, monkey. Save me.

But the monkey will never save us. Ever.

If we see a kid about to get hit by a bus, or anything else urgent, we won’t have time to stress. We’ll just act (hopefully).

But if you find yourself mentally spinning your wheels (ever do this?) and stressing over a thing, the best thing to do is… Nothing. Not yet.

We experience stress when we overdose on thought.

An overabundance of thought gets in the way of answers and solutions.

I’ve learned not to follow the thoughts that don’t serve me well.

Sometimes, I can’t go all warrior zen monk and release the thoughts on demand. So I have to wait. I have to let the healing effects of time take hold.

In time, thoughts will fly away. When they do, I know my consciousness will rise. And when it does, I know I’ll reconvene with my innate wellbeing to find right action.

Frikkin monkeys…

Jonas Ellison is a spiritual writer, teacher, practitioner, and an interfaith minister-in-training. He helps people deepen their lives through applied spirituality while documenting his journey along the way.

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