Thoughts and sandbags

Image: Randy Tarampi

Every thought is a limitation. It’s a box I draw with my mind around reality to describe something to myself.

It’s not a bad thing. I’m not hating on thought. It just… Is.

But if I know the nature of it, I can play with it…

When I’m thinking from my survival-based brain at low levels of consciousness, my boxes are really small.

Tunnel vision kicks in.

It’s like the aperture of a camera that’s constricted to zoom in on my problems. Soon, all I’m looking at are the shadows and things to run from and fend off.

With awareness, I can loosen my focus. I can lean back, widen the aperture, and draw bigger boxes.

As the stressful thoughts exit my mind (which they always do after some time), my conscious awareness naturally rises.

Wow… It’s amazing what appears as possible when I do this.

What’s crazy is — the world out there hasn’t changed at all. But I’m faced with an entirely new realm of possibilities that I can act on.

I’m still drawing boxes from up here, mind you, but they’re much bigger and all-encompassing.

The mind is like a hot air balloon and thoughts are like sandbags.

We have it backwards (typical for us humans)…

The point isn’t to load more on (even to ‘think positive’, etc.). The point is to chuck them off the edge and float up to where more possibilities come into view.

Thoughts are unavoidable, but they only stand between us and the infinite intelligence of Source. The fewer we have hanging around, the better.

The goal isn’t to get more thoughts. The goal is to let more thoughts go and rise into the unlimited notion of reality in every moment.

I’m a little scared of heights. Leave a couple of these sandbags on, okay?

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