Higher Thoughts Review: April

Two years of daily blogging.

I can’t believe this publication has been around for two years. I feel it’s just getting started.

It’s weird, blogging every day. A year ago, it was really hard. I felt it was a struggle. But now, it’s kinda like second nature. Don’t get me wrong — just like with anything worthwhile, there are the tougher days. But the tougher days today are the ‘meh’ days of a year ago. I think this is a good sign. That, or I’m insane. Either way, I’m fine with.

I wrote last month and lead up to a big reveal. Here’s what I wrote, in case you missed it:

All I can say is that it has to do with moving our family and getting in front of a lot of people and working for a couple people I consider to be human superheroes.

Yyyyyeah, I still can’t say. Things are still materializing. They’re progressing, but they’re not quite here yet. Hopefully at the end of this month. Keep sending me those good vibes. I can feel ’em, and I know they’re helping.

Other than that, I’m still accepting private mentorships. For all that, click here.

Oh, here’s a biggy…

My online course: The Medium School

Some of you saw that I’m launching my first online course for creative people looking to build a body of work and share a positive message authentically on Medium.com. This is really exciting stuff. I love teaching. My goal is to support an army of illumined people who can go out and drown out all the bullshit on the internet. We’ll see how it goes. If you’d like to learn more, click here. To stay in the loop via email, click here.

Top recommended posts of April

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What I’m reading now

The Untethered Soul

by Michael A. Singer

I’m only past the first couple chapters, but this book is turning out to be a good one. Seems to be a nice blend of eastern and western thinking. Even though I heard the author turned out to be kind of a kook, this book is an enjoyably worthwhile read.

Our true identity… Three Principles

by Elsie Spittle

I’m getting back into my Three Principles readings again (here’s a quick summary of what the Three Principles are). I took a little break from the genre, but am back and loving it. This book is an oldie, but a good one.

How to use the laws of mind

by Joseph Murphy

Finally, this one is for my practitioner training. I’ve read Murphy before. It’s really crazy how someone can be so prolific while saying the same thing (I say that with zero cheekiness, I promise): ‘Your thoughts make up your life.’ Pretty simple, but a strong message indeed. Kind of a refresher for those of you familiar with New Thought texts, but a good one.

Alrighty, friends… That’s it for this installment of the Higher Thoughts Review.

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