The power of absorption

Image: Ben White

In our western world, the trend is to resist that which ails us.

We resist through the survival mechanisms of fighting, flighting, freezing, and pleasing. When shit hits the fan, these are our go-to modalities.

But I’m fascinated by the idea of absorption.

I take absorption to be the main lesson of the crucifixion of Jesus. He absorbed the violence and took it out of circulation. He went with none of the four above tendencies of the survival-based lizard brain.

Jesus embodied Christ by absorbing the violence of the crucifixion.

If you’re not a big Jesus person, that’s okay. Don’t see this man as God. See this man as a dude who embodied the cosmic Christ consciousness that’s available to all of us. (No, Christ wasn’t his last name.)

We utilize the power of absorption when we’re faced with any kind of pain, strife, sickness, or misalignment with our greater good and, instead of doing the four things above, we breathe into it, we love it, we take it in, and we transmogrify it.

Instead of resisting pain, we can absorb it, transform it, and bring it into alignment with our greater good.

This is an alchemical process.

I heard of a woman with late-stage cancer doing this. Instead of seeing her cancer as an enemy, she loved it. She listened to it. She didn’t try to affirm it away (she also didn’t stop her treatment).

What she did was recognized that 90% of her body was healthy and that 90% could take that 10% in and absorb it. She focused on the restorative state of the healthier parts of her being absorbing the 10% that was out of whack and slowly brought it into alignment.

And she was healed. Now, I’m sure the medical treatment helped. Maybe it was 100% to thank for her healing. But the doctors seemed amazed at the progress she’d made after she took this mental approach. If nothing else, it got her out of her anxious, panicked mindset and into a meditative, prayerful, consciously aware state.

But we don’t have to wait until we’re sick or being crucified (literally or figuratively) to put the power of absorption to use. We can do it throughout the day when we’re hit with that low lying undertone of anger or resistance towards whatever it may be.

We can stop. Breathe into it. Let it be. And lovingly absorb it, thus taking the pain of it out of circulation.

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