The world, according to you

Image: Alvin Mahmudov

It’s interesting to take note of the contrast between your direct experience of the outside world and your interactions with the inside world…

Thinking allows us to create whatever mental representations we want about the outside world. We express these thoughts through words — either internally or externally.

It’s like magic, and we play with it often. Our minds serve as a sort of alternative environment that we can manipulate (consciously or unconsciously) through thought.

It’s comforting. It brings the outside world — something that’s largely out of our control — into our grasp (or so we think). We take this manic outside world and narrate it to ourselves. What we end up with is a representation of the world according to us.

If the world doesn’t do what we want, we judge it, verbalize it, complain about it, and try to manipulate it.

We buffer and filter reality as it makes its way into our consciousness.

This is why, when you buy a new car, you start seeing that car everywhere. Before you bought the car, you didn’t have a reason to think of it, so you didn’t notice it. Now you’re driving the car, and have added that mental filter to your lived experience.

Do you see what we’re doing on a moment-by-moment basis? We’re re-creating the inner world because, unlike the outer world, we can control our mind.

We can set up mental defense mechanisms. We can make ourselves comfortable with very uncomfortable things. We can keep ourselves ‘safe’.

Only problem becomes when we see these mental representations as objective reality.

It pays to ask ourselves if the inner world we’re creating is actually serving us. Are these filters and models and defense mechanisms really working to our benefit? Or are they keeping us trapped?

Are we buffering ourselves from life? Or are we living it?

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