The easy street of egoic thinking

Image: William Felker

I was going to title this one, “It’s way easier to be a dick,” but that would be cheap clickbait. Not my style.

But it IS what this entry is about.

My dad used to tell me this all the time (he used the word ‘jerk’ but he always hesitated before saying it, which means he meant to say ‘dick’ but felt awkward saying it in front of his adolescent son — even though he said much more colorful words than that on a regular basis — anyhow…).

The more I live, the more I see how profoundly true that little statement is.

I heard from someone far smarter than me recently say that the brain has been scientifically proven to act like a magnet to negative, fear-based thoughts. It latches onto them like velcro.

The same study proved the brain to act like teflon to positive, love-based thoughts. They just slide right off.

Acting from a loving place is hard. Living from grace takes work. Not the kind of work like mowing a lawn or pushing a boulder up a mountain. But a forward-leaning kind of emotional fortitude.

Egoic easy street may be easy for the mind, but it’s not so much for the soul. The soul yearns for connection, growth, forgiveness, and expression.

I think it’s worth the extra effort. Life has proved that to me pretty clearly.

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