My New Class: Authentic Audience-Building Through Medium

It’s finally here

Me… Writing.

As you may know, over the last few years (but over the last few months with increased focus), I’ve been working privately with people helping them get their messages out in an authentic fashion to the world (largely using the digital power tool of

This work has been some of the most fulfilling I’ve ever done, to know I’ve had a hand in giving such creative people a solid nudge towards connecting with a tribe of people as weird as they are (I say this in the most loving way imaginable) without having to sell their souls doing it.

My story seems to be a unique one. I’ve done things differently than most.

I created a publication with myself as the sole writer about a topic that isn’t super popular on Medium (spirituality) and I haven’t used hardly any of the clickbait marketing tactics so overwhelmingly present on the web today.

Not many online marketing people I know would advise people to do things the way I’ve done them. However, I can honestly say that it’s all been intentional.

I had no idea if this creative project of mine would turn out to be a fruitful one. All I knew was that I had a burning desire to endlessly perfect my craft as a writer while saying something meaningful along the way. And I wanted to do it in a way that was true to me.

Well, here I am today. I didn’t set out to cast the widest net. My intention was to drill down as deep into my subject matter as I could. My focus has been on relationships, not shares. I measure my success through the words I hear from readers, not page views.

But somehow, I’ve ended up as a Top Medium Writer in several topics and my publication ranks at the top of Medium in those same categories. My work here has evolved a ton, and I along with it. I started as a burned out freelance copywriter. Today, I’m on the path to ministry and am building a body of work my daughter will have forever, hopefully long after I’m gone (if they don’t delete the internet before then).

Sharing my experiences and lessons learned on this journey is a mission of mine. Today, I announce my first online class around this topic: Authentic Audience Building Through Blogging: How To Find A Tribe As Weird As You Are Without Selling Your Soul. (Or something like that.)

Note: The team at Medium has nothing to do with this class or the opinions, lessons, or bad jokes within it. This is all me.

Yes, a key part of this class is Medium. Without this here platform, I’d still be writing for my 30 followers on my Wordpress site. Medium is the present and near future (at least) of blogging. If you know how to use it effectively, it’s like lightning in your fingertips.

But the class is also about boosting creativity and managing the fear of the journey along the way (yes, this is a spiritual journey).

Join me for a free online event

To hear my story, grab a few actionable takeaways, and learn more about the course (which will launch in June), I invite you to join me for a free live webinar on Friday, 4/28 at noon, PST.

Space is limited for the live webinar. Only 100 attendees will be allowed in. However, all registrants will automatically be emailed a recording of the class. I encourage you to mark your calendar, show up 10 minutes early, and claim your spot to take advantage of the live Q&A at the end.

In this webinar, we’ll hang out for 90 minutes or so and you’ll walk away with a ton of free advice that you can immediately put to use that same day.

If you happen to miss the live webinar, not to worry… I’ll email you a recording (however, if you’re live, you’ll be able to take advantage of the live Q&A at the end).

Thank you so much for your love and support. If you’re someone who wants to create a body of work you can be proud of and connect with an audience of peers authentically, I hope you’ll join me on the 28th.

P.S. This class is already half-full (again, only 100 attendees allowed at once). If you want to get notified first for future events such as this, jump on my mailing list. You’ll get first crack at these in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you there.