The one who sent you

Image: Kayla Gibson

You ever go into something with the lingering feeling of, who the hell am I to be doing this? Me? With all of these limitations and insecurities and failures? There’s just no way?

Happens to me all the time.

Usually this unhelpful little troll voice pops up when we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Well, since ‘outside our comfort zone’ is the new normal in today’s day and age, here’s a little internal exercise that might help get you in the flow…

Before I get into the exercise, please know that any kind of exercise that I suggest like this one is just a thought experiment.

It’s not objective reality or the final word.

Be playful about them. Mischievous, even. Have fun with them. Got it? Okay, good…

Here’s the statement I’d like you to meditate on…

It’s not me, but the one who sent me.

Yep. Allow your mind to be taken over by a force that’s far bigger than your limited notions of your small self.

Try breathing…

On the out-breath, feel that you’re relieving your petty ego from its limited functionality.

On the in-breath, feel that your consciousness is being plugged into a sort of powerful force, bordering on the supernatural. One that isn’t to be reckoned with, but that is all-loving at the same time. Like Tony Stark plugging into that Iron Man suit (minus the ballistics and weaponry).

Get a little Sci-Fi here. I mean, how amazing would this be? If you discovered that you weren’t just a regular little human, but rather a finely-tuned machine equipped with a beating heart, vibrating soul, wired to a source of infinite intelligence. A machine sent by an omnipotent force that has designed you to create new worlds of love, laughter, and depth on this earth.

(Spiritual luminaries throughout history have pointed to the idea that this may be closer to reality than not.)

Yes, there’s a Bible verse that goes along with this, but if you have resistance to it, skip past it. You don’t need it. But if it helps anchor this in, embrace it…

“When a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. When he looks at me he sees the one who sent me.” (John, 10:34; 12:44).

What’s really great about this is, when you do the thing that you were hesitant of doing, you’ll come out the other end with a greater sense of Self. You’ll have proved your ego wrong and given it something new to chew on.

And you’ll have shown yourself that the ego is never to be assigned the role of final arbiter of any situation.

Not you. But the one who sent you.

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