Spiritual op-ed

Image: neil godding

Why has the subject matter of spirituality historically been so stuffy? So flaccid? So ephemeral?

I say it’s because a lot of writers and orators in this field are putting on a show. Yes, maybe it’s a well-intentioned show, but it’s a show nonetheless.

Here’s what’s tough:

When it comes to spirituality, we’re all just talking out of our asses.


If you’re a mathematician, it’s obvious when you know what you’re talking about (your math works out). Same thing when you’re a historian or an economist (well, maybe not so much, but stick with me). They’re objective things with a right and a wrong.

Spirituality doesn’t compute in the objective world. We’re speaking of things on an intuitive level. The only way we know it’s ‘right’ is through an inner sense of conviction. What works for us and what doesn’t. And that’s pretty much it.

And so, in order to conjure up a human sense of credibility, certain spiritual writers/speakers (yes, I’m talking to the clergy here too, of course) will pull a few tricks:

  1. They’ll claim they are the sole owners of God’s word (whatever that even means).
  2. They’ll act like they know the final word on this stuff on an intellectual level because they’re well-read and/or some book said it.
  3. They’ll water down their message so much that it pleases the most people, ruffles the fewest feathers, and draws little attention so they can keep doing their thing without confrontation.

It’s all bullshit, friends. I’ll be the first to say that I have no final word in any of this stuff. I know I’ll probably never figure it out.

This might scare some people into employing some of the tactics above, but not me. I see this as my biggest blessing:

If I never figure it out, this means I’ll never run out of things to say about it.

I’m a spiritual op-ed writer. Everyone else is too, they just might not admit it.

But think about how interesting spirituality would be if they would? I want this. I want big, booming opinions about spirituality.

I turn on ESPN (hardly ever) and see journalists standing up on their desks shouting at each other about people who get paid millions of dollars to wear a uniform and play with balls. But when it comes to the meaning of life, we get all tight-lipped and uppity. WTF?!

Spirituality wouldn’t be so dry if we’d just level the playing field with the precedent that no one really knows what the f*ck they’re talking about.

So just say it… If it’s working for you — tell us about it. If it’s not working — tell us why you think that is. You don’t have to be religious, a scholar, or a clergy member to be spiritual. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row (especially this). If you have a being that’s animated by spirit (100% of you reading this do), you can speak up.

Sure, read those books and do that research. But don’t do it to ‘prove’ anything. Do it to inspire yourself to speak your big truth — whatever that is in the moment.

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