Finding safety in defenselessness

Image: Bram Vranckx

There’s something stewing in the back of your mind. Something you’re holding onto. Really. Really. Tight.

I say this, not because I’m peering through your webcam (creepy), but because you’re human. Like me. And we have egos. And we hold grudges. Because we think those grudges are defending us. We think they’re keeping us safe from the people and forces ‘out there’ just waiting to pounce on us as soon as we let our guard down.

Sometimes this is true. Like, if you’re being chased by rabid dogs through the streets (and in that case, I think you should stop reading this… Now).

I mean, really… Sometimes we have to put our dukes up. I get it.

But from what I’ve found, in a vast majority of cases, this urge is nothing more than a biologically-programmed flinch response that emerges out of the prehistoric part of our brain designed to help defend us against a lion hiding in the bushes.

Once biologically useful, this flinch response is mostly useless nowadays. It pays to notice this and to mindfully put those dukes to our sides, open our palms wide towards the heavens and breathe.

Wow… There’s nothing quite like finding that key in your pocket to the cage you’ve built around yourself to keep the bad guys out. Over time, we forget we built it and that we also built a way out of it for good measure.

Like A Course in Miracles says…

In my defenselessness, my safety lies.

Sometimes it just takes a little permission from someone else to do this. So there ya go. A little permission.

To let that thing go. 
And free yourself.

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