A short (but mighty) spirit-packed question to jumpstart your day with

Image: Tim Wright

The root of 98.765% (roughly) of our problems as humans is when we buy into the delusion of our separateness from Source (otherwise known as egoic thinking).

We can feel quite lonely in these skin bags of meat, blood, and bone, faced against a big world hell-bent on chewing us up and spitting us out.

It’s easy, if we’re not mindful, to start the day with a buzzing level of stress and anxiety. Especially when we go straight to checking email, Facebook, the news, etc. By doing this, you essentially say to the world, “Alrighty world, how are you gonna screw me over today?”

I have a much better question…

Alrighty, Spirit. Where are we going today?

(Yes, please throw in the ‘alrighty’ for good measure.)

This little exercise is simple, yet profound…

Starting the day with this question gets you out of manic ego-mindedness.

If you notice how the question is framed: It immediately gets us out of our separate aloneness and assigns spirit a partnership role. When you start saying this, you’ll get a sense that it’s not just you. You just drive the physical mechanism that spirit gets shit done with. In layman’s terms, that is.

Side note: If you’re cynical (it’s okay, I welcome cynicism — you’re in good company), you might be wondering just how this is different than having an imaginary friend. I’d admit, it is close. But I have a hard time believing in imaginary friends. Plus, Spirit is something that lives in you. It’s actually more than that — it’s your source energy. It’s probably more of you than your physicality is. (But please… Keep the imaginary friend if it helps.)

So, boom. Right away, with this question, you’re kicking your day off aligned with Source and in partnership with Spirit.

Mix that with coffee and I’d say you’re pretty much unstoppable.

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