Beyond description

Image: frank mckenna

Instead of making vain, alienating attempts to describe the divine, what if the focus of religion was to stand in response to it instead?

Many humans have done this quite well without religion, no doubt, but what if there was an organized space designed around it?

Maybe then, instead of us humans sitting around dreaming up rules around the divine (a boring and fruitless endeavor, as proven throughout history), we’d be in a place where we let it speak in, through, and around us.

What if the point was not to know the answers of life, but to deepen into the experience of it?

What if we walked out of service being able to better stand in the mysteries of life rather than carrying a rigid, synthetic, pretentious, self-righteous air about ourselves?

We can spend another couple millennia arguing about what we believe about the divine. Or we can unite in the rapturous aftermath of it in every passing moment.

Here comes another wave.

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