One small secret: My bro side

Secrets, secrets… We all have them.

Today’s post is inspired by an email I recently got from John Romaniello, one of my favorite bloggers. John (or ‘Roman’ as he’s called) is a fitness dude. He has one of the top fitness sites around, and he’s a fantastically entertaining writer, unlike many writers in that arena who are about as dry as the protein bars they peddle.

(Quick aside: I always tell people I mentor to read stuff outside of their subject matter to stay fresh. He’s one of my favorite ‘outsiders’ beyond the reaches of spirituality, although he does get dangerously close at times, probably without knowing it).

Anyhow, back to the email… Roman wrote to motivate people to share a small secret about themselves that the internet at large might not know about them.

Here’s his call to action:

Today, reveal one small thing about yourself on social media. One small secret that your friends or fans or followers don’t know about you.

Let them in just a little. Let the cracks in your armor show — because that’s how the light gets out, and how it gets in.

Use #onesmallsecret and tag me. I want to know what you reveal.

Although I’m a couple days late, I figured I’d take a crack at it. So here’s my #onesmallsecret (even though hashtags don’t work on Medium).

I have a bro side

Since we’ve had a kid and whatnot, I haven’t been to the gym in a long time (besides a couple of failed attempts), but there was a time when I was — I gotta say — pretty ‘swoll’, to use bro terms.

I know… Philosophical, minister-in-training, theological spirituality guy Jonas. That’s probably how you know me. But I once loved getting huge muscles and stuff. Even though I’m in a different place, that yearning is still there.

I started working out a lot when I was single and in my mid-twenties. I purchased Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and studied it like an apprentice. It was fascinating to me.

I’d work out every day — sometimes twice a day. I never got into steroids, but I consumed a healthy amount of supplements like protein, creatine, etc.

I’ve always been a skinny-ish, small-ish dude. I’m of average height now, but it took some time to get here. Getting physically fit, having clothes fit a certain way, and carrying that posture was fantastic.

No, I was never obnoxious about it (maybe just a little), but I was definitely a bit of a bro, no doubt about it (yes, I also have a fairly robust brocabulary, which I sometimes sneak in on this blog, if you’ve been paying attention).

I never took my bro side too seriously — it was more in jest.

This post comes at a timely fashion because today, I joined a gym and did my first full workout in a long time. It was embarrassing. It was really hard. But it felt amazing. Even got a little pump going #gainz. But this dad-bod has to go.

So there you have it. A little secret about me.

Why is this a secret? I guess, because it doesn’t fit my ego-ideal at this time of my life. It’s not something I go around advertising because it’s not part of the persona my ego has in mind.

But it’s true… There’s a bro side of me that I can’t deny. It’s not my upfront personality, but if I’m at the gym around bros, I can still turn it on when the mood arises.

How about you?

If you’re someone who shares a lot online like me — maybe you have an audience of some sort — there’s probably something slightly embarrassing about yourself that would feel freeing to share with your tribe. No need to go too deep and dark.

What’s something that you don’t want people to know, but in reality, you kinda do? Something that might clear the air, show a different side of yourself, and add complexity to the conversation you’ve started online?

Throw it in the responses and let me know.

And please… Don’t brofile me, m’kay.

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