Let’s not talk about the music

Image: Mitchell Orr

Thanks to this blog and the path I’ve chosen, I often find my nose buried in content that’s pedantic and/or evanescent. There are times when I look down and see that I’m waaaaay up in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little, but it’s my life — I’m allowed to complain about it). When I find myself in these heady places, I have to keep context of why I’m doing this to begin with.

The only value I place on spirituality is when it helps me live a deeper, more vibrant life.

I can say the same about music. The only reason I like music is that it takes me to places that I’d never go without it.

If we were at a hoedown (what, you don’t have hoedowns in your town?), and I heard a good, folky beat, I might call you to jump in and dance. If I did this and you stopped me to ask what time signature it was, I’d be like, whuh?

This is why I fight the philosopher label. As much as I respect philosophers, I could never be a tried and true ‘philosopher’. When I get sucked into philosophical discussions (even with myself — because I do this often), I often turn myself off to this whole thing.

Through my writing, I want to dance with you, not talk about the music. I see my work in calling you to your damn feet, not to some ephemeral ideal based in the clouds.

If the spirit can’t get those feet of yours moving, I think you should probably scrap it for something that does.

Oh, this is a great song…

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