Not there…

Image: Roman Logov

Humanity has put forth so much effort
to place God in the physical world…

How many people’s souls have been silenced
under an overcoat
of dogma
that have been placed on their already heavy shoulders
by an institution that worships a false idol?

How many people have turned away 
cold from their faith
because of abuse
that exist in the world of the human.

It’s a valid argument:
How can God exist in the same world as these?

But what if God had nothing to do with the physical world? 
Would that bring you fear?
Or give you poise and focus?

What if God only worked in a spiritual sense?
Beneath the words
Beneath the form
Beneath the rules…

Have we tried finding God there?
Or elsewhere?

What if the Christ wasn’t Jesus’ last name,
but a timeless bridging energy
between the Divine
and the physical world of the human?

What if this Christ 
was the thing that rose 
into the consciousness of the human
on that day
instead of a bloody, beaten body of flesh, bone and gristle?

Where are you looking for God?
Where does communion happen for you?
On a hard, cold bench isolated from the outside world?
In the spiritual backdrop of your everyday life?

Or both?

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