Dancing with the absurd

Image: Mark Asthoff

Experiencing something without trying to understand it is really hard for us to do. The human mind wants to understand everything. By ‘understand’, I mean that we try to fit it into our model of the world.

If we can’t do this, we deem it absurd. It proves impossible to understand. Since we can’t mold it into our structure of the world, we typically fight it or run from it.

Either way, we stay the same.

Experiencing the absurd without understanding it is an exercise in blowing up your old structures so you can rebuild anew.

It’s hard to dig your heels in and argue for the absurd. And that is where its beauty lies. When we allow ourselves to sit in the tension of not falling to one side of the argument or another, something in us deepens and makes room for more complexity than we could stomach before.

There’s a great virtue in sitting with a mystery without trying to solve it.

When we sit with the absurd and let it be as it is, we can’t help but stretch our limits and grow. A weight lifts off of our brains when we realize we don’t have to understand everything. It’s when we genuinely let go of understanding the absurd that we create space for new insight to be born.


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