Milestone: Higher Thoughts reaches 50k readers

Image: Ryan Wong

Wow… I woke up to this hot little notification today…

This is a thank you. I’m humbled…

You’ve given me more of a reason to get out of bed every morning: to figure out a new way to elevate your spirit so you can better tackle your day. If it wasn’t for your love, I’d probably just press snooze. Again. And again. And… Well, you get the point.

I’m also thankful to the power of Medium. Because of this digital power tool, it’s been possible with no ‘marketing’ whatsoever. No buying traffic. No clickbait (maybe just a little). No Facebook ads. No interrupting anyone to read my stuff. No pitching to huge blogs. (Sure, that stuff might have helped, but I’m lazy.) Just relentless focus and genuine connection with humans like you who are as weird as I am... Amazing.

Alrighty… Back to your day. Thanks so much for your attention. Thanks so much for your love. And thanks so much for inspiring my work.

As Ever,

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