The inner-flow vs. the outer-flow

Image: Richard Tilney-Bassett

You know the saying…

Go with the flow.

Most of the time, this phrase points to someone who takes no initiative. Who has no confidence. And who lets the world have its way with him.

On the other hand, there’s the value of not going against our emotional current. Rather, by finding thoughts that take us downstream into alignment with Source, we can go with the flow of our higher self.

So what is it? Is going with the flow a powerless state? Or a dynamic spiritual approach to life?

The way I see it is, we all have an inner-flow and an outer-flow.

The inner-flow is what we feel when we close our eyes and align with Spirit. In this inner-flow, we see a future that excites us. We feel a calm detachment from the stresses of life. There’s a certain undercurrent that beats our heart and nudges us towards more, carrying us on to another day.

The inner-flow of life is the one that exists in your soul.

The outer-flow is the rat race going on all around us. When we’re not attuned to our inner-flow, this is the dominant flow in life. It has to do with bills, time clocks, Facebook arguments, automobile problems, telemarketers, orange presidents, and wind damage to the roof.

The hard thing is, the inner and outer-flows typically run contrary to each other.

Most people go with the outer-flow of life after a certain age (my threenage daughter, Rory, is definitely not doing this yet). It wears them down, and they end up breaking. They start wearing cell phone holsters, dad jeans, and buy PT Cruisers (don’t worry, anyone can fall victim to this force). This is the more limiting of the two flows, but it’s the one that the ego tends to identify with out of fear and the yearning for certainty and safety.

If this is you, I’m thinking you should close those eyes again.

Full steam ahead.

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