A book review: Power Through Constructive Thinking by Emmet Fox

You may have been noticing a lot of Emmet Fox quotes in my recent posts. That’s because my nose has been buried in his book, Power Through Constructive Thinking.

This is the first book in my curriculum towards becoming a Spiritual Practitioner and then (if I keep it up) a New Thought minister. (You can read more about my journey here, if you’re interested.)

I’ve read dozens of books in the New Thought/Transcendentalist realm, but this one was the most Jesus-centered I’ve come across. Although it’s a Christian-centered theosophy, most books in this genre speak of the Divine in a more general, impersonal way. This book, however, is super-Jesusey (yep, I just made that a word) and calls on the Bible throughout. But it’s Jesusey in a refreshing way.

Emmet Fox is anchored in his belief without stepping into the territory of dogma. This is the Jesus message I can get behind. It’s one of love, unity, and inclusion. It’s subversive and it portrays how he defied the fearful/violent regime of his day (and, as we have it, one that is still alive today).

He walks through several well-known Bible verses and gives his spiritual translations on them. This sheds a whole new light on some of the old, tired, lofty ideals within it.


This book took me to a deep, introspective place. I particularly enjoyed the ‘7-day mental diet’. This is the practice where you’re to take 7 days to monitor your thoughts and only ‘eat’ the ones that are healthy. Any thought that resembles junk food is to be examined and discarded instead of consumed and given power to.

The kicker is, if you happen to mess up and find yourself getting pissed off at the news for an entire day (like me), you have to start back on day one.

I did this exercise and, after the first few days, felt… better. Way better. So much so that I decided to keep going. Since then, although I may have popped an accidental mental M&M at one point or another, my diet has been quite healthy.

As for the journey

So here I am on step one of many and I’m still as enthusiastic as ever on this journey towards Ministerhood.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t know if I’ll ever have an actual church. I love having a good excuse to study world religions and philosophies. And if it helps my work here, it’s done its purpose.

I love being a student. Sure, I could just randomly read spiritual texts, but having an actual curriculum keeps me focused. It gives me boundaries. And creativity digs boundaries.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this book to anyone on a spiritual journey. However, if you have any resistance to the Bible or Jesus, skip it. But if you’re cool with the J-word and are open to seeing the Christian message in a new light, this one is for you.

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