On spiritual language

Image: Amanda Jordan

It’s only recently that I’ve been able to use more spiritually-amplified (borderline religious, in fact) words. For the longest time, words like ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ looked like threatening opponents on the page. I’d delete them as soon as I’d type them (and saying them was out of the question).

I don’t know why... It’s not like religion and I had any kind of falling out. I just know that people who’ve used certain religiously loaded words have immediately triggered my BS detector and I never wanted to be one of them.

This resistance showed me that I had work to do. It took some time to let go of the limiting thought-forms that had glommed onto those words, but I finally did. And lately I’ve been using them — and words like them — quite liberally without wanting to go take a shower afterwards.

It’s been nice opening myself to spiritual vocabulary. It’s like learning a new language and has allowed me to talk to a whole new section of people.

I now see that I can use that vernacular without being obnoxious. But I also realize that this terminology isn’t necessary to make an impact on a spiritual level.

Communicators must meet people where they are. My mission has always been to bring the transformative concepts of spirituality into the lives of even the most secular people.

Speaking of Jesus, he used such lofty, religious terminology because most people in his day (especially the religious elite whom he railed against) spoke that language. He was meeting them where they were. At that time, the world largely worshipped anthropomorphic Pagan gods (not hating on Pagans, btw — just saying). But he also had no problem toning it down and talking in more colloquial terms to those who were on the fringes of the religious elite.

Spiritual principles aren’t just for those who claim to be spiritual. They’re for anyone who has a human heart.

And so, reflecting on this notion, it’s nice to know I can crank it up when speaking with those who speak that language. And I can tone it down when talking to my accountant.

I’d love to hear your opinions… Do you see certain religious words (God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, etc.) refreshing in today’s largely secular world? Or do you roll your eyes at them?

Just curious…

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