The request line

Image: Bart Anestin

When I was a kid, I was taught that prayer was like a spiritual request line to God. Every night, I’d fold my hands and dial in.

And I was disappointed time and time again…

Even when I learned about affirmative prayer years ago, I kept this model in mind. I was just dialing them in differently through affirmation rather than supplication.

Although this seemed to work better, the fact remained that I was often let down.

It’s very disappointing seeing prayer this way. Many of us give up after an upset or two from the ‘man upstairs’ we believed would be answering our call…

I see now that many of us have it backwards.

We need to flip the script.

You and I are the ones who are supposed to be answering the request line. Not the other way around.

We are the ones who need to be tapped in and turned on to the signal from the Divine. We are the ones whose job it is to answer the phone.

The problem isn’t God, the problem is we’ve been trained wrong. We were trained as callers when we should have been trained as operators.

This surmises a question or two…

How do we pick up the phone?

How do we know what Source is requesting through us?

The answer lies in yet another set of questions…

What makes your soul sing?

What lifts your spirits?

This is sacred. Not to be taken for granted.

It’s also not a given. The things that call to me may make you cringe.

No, I’m not talking about eating frozen dinners or trolling on Facebook. I’m not talking about power-hungry, fear-driven, insecure, ego-based ways (you can’t seriously say you’re vibrating at high levels when you’re hell-bent on destruction, no matter how ‘good’ it feels kicking the dog). These might make your small identity feel satiated for a short while, but we both know what the emotional aftermath is of these things…

I’m talking about ways you can look back on tomorrow and in four years from now with a smile, not teeth-gnashing regret. I’m talking about ways that serve, give, love and bring harmony with the world in and around you.

This is what prayer brings us to. When we pray affirmatively, we tune in with God’s request, not the other way around.

This is the signal.

You gonna pick it up?

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