On spiritual posturing

Image: Miguel Salgado

This is largely what prayer is to me.

A posturing of the Spirit.

An emotional/spiritual/mental/(and as a byproduct, physical) stance we take in our lives…

It’s a way in which we carry ourselves…


Do you fill up a room with life and light and spirit and presence? Or do you cast a dark cloud on it?

How do you connect your inner and outer worlds? How do you bring the two together? Is there a conflict? Does your inner-voice say one thing while your mouth says another?

Spiritual posturing is prayer without ceasing.

Not the kind of prayer where we take intermittent spiritual breaks from our lives to try to coax some deity into intervening and doing things for us.

But a perpetual inner-conversation with the segment of our maker that lives in our very own soul to see how we’re measuring up to our highest Self.

Spiritual posturing is a constant calibration of spiritual alignment to ensure we’re living wholeheartedly.

Life is fluid. Always advancing. Never static.

In life — just like anything that involves motion and growth and speed — good posture makings things a lot easier and yields far better results.

Stop slouching…
That’s better.

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