On bringing at least three times yourself to your soul’s work

Image: Shane Rounce

Since we’re on the topic of alter-egos and celebrities, I figured this might fit well here at the end of the week…

Forgive me — I can’t find this quote anywhere on the interwebs — but I saw an interview many years ago with Chris Rock that stuck with me…

As the interview went on, the interviewer grew more and more surprised at how quiet and withdrawn he was.

Eventually, he brought it up, saying something like, “Why are you so calm and collected right now — you’re nothing like you are on stage.”

Now, this could have been because Rock didn’t like the interviewer very much (it’s been known to happen), but what he said was huge…

“People don’t want me on stage, they want three times me.”
— A quote from Chris Rock that the author remembers, but can’t find anywhere

He’s right…

When you find your Big Work, you have to bring more than your small-self to the table.

Yes, you can bring your small-self a lot of places…

Menial jobs are great for your small-self. Harmful relationships (to people or things) are also fitting places for your small-self to live. Petty conflicts are great for your small-self. Self-doubt fits well too.

But your soul’s work calls for more.

This isn’t just your j-o-b or your business. Your soul’s work is your inner-work that carries across to many areas of your life...

It’s your relationship work. 
It’s the work you do when improving your health. 
It’s the work you do in your community.
And more…

This, for me, is where the idea of God comes in.

God is the psycho-spiritual turbo-booster that carries my small-self to higher realms.

God is an inner-Presence that I can sink back into that elevates me on-demand. This Presence underlies us all and merely awaits on our conscious decision to trust and utilize her/him/it.

No, you don’t need ‘God’ to do this. But the way I see it, we only have two choices:

One, we can multiply ourselves through our man-made ego by separating, competing, puffing our chests, manipulating, fighting, and placing ourselves on our own pedestal.

Or we can multiply ourselves from a place that unites, shares, serves, and loves.

Ego. Or God.

To me, the latter is the obvious choice.

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