On karma

Image: Fineas Anton

People often use karma as a scapegoat…

The wife leaves.
The dog dies.
The bank account runs dry.
The car gets a flat tire.
(This is starting to sound like a country song, isn’t it?)

“Whelp, what can I say? It must be karma.”

You hear it from people whose businesses fail all the time. What’s interesting is, if you were to check out that business a week or a year prior to the doors closing, you’d see that many of them had no idea of how to run a business correctly to begin with.

“I must have been a horrible person in a past life.”

Ummm, no… This had nothing to do with past lives or karma. It had to do with the fact that their customer service was horrible and they were spending money they didn’t have on frivolities (or whatever have you).

The way I understand it, karma is a good thing. Not a punishment or an excuse.

I see karma as the energetic force that creates conditions in which the soul can best develop. Although karma may be a ‘consequence’ of something we may have done in the past (to simplify a very complicated process), I see it as a benign one.

Kind of like, when you’re a kid and you fall down on your bike, this experience provides the opportunity to gain better control before trying to jump that rosebush next time (or was that just me?).

Karma provides us with the perfect set of conditions we need for our soul to develop.

Let’s talk about our friend from earlier in the post who lost his business…

Nature never punishes, she teaches.
 — Emmet Fox

If our friend were to view karma in this way, he’d see the event as a gift that happened to be wrapped up in the packaging of a tragedy and would go on to create a business that crushes it (or whatever that movement of growth may be for him).

Our trouble is never caused by karma. It’s caused by our lack of wisdom and unwillingness to grow.

Our everyday experience is not defined by karma. It’s defined by how we learn and live among the conditions it provides us with.

Karma getting in your way? 
Stop blaming it. 
See it for what it is and rise above it.

This is what karma calls us to.

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